The business owners' one-stop-shop to A.D.A compliance

Dear Property Owner:

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce ADA Compliance Specialists, Inc., and briefly inform you about our services.

We are your one-stop-shop to ADA compliance. We work exclusively for the defense and have no association with any of the Non-Profit Groups who bring ADA suits against the business community.

These lawsuits are called "drive by lawsuits." The plaintiff commonly sues several businesses in the area on the same day. Basically, it's legal extortion; their goal being to have their attorneys' fees and costs paid for by you. There are some ethical plaintiffs and lawyers who do not consider ADA litigation just a money machine, unfortunately this represents only a small group. Don't fall victim to their game when help is available.

We offer a low cost, comprehensive ADA inspection to alert the property owner as to the facility's violations in a formal ADA Inspection Report. The facility inspection is always part of an ADA lawsuit. The plaintiff, in the body of the Complaint, requests the court to allow their own inspector to inspect the facility at a price you have no control over. This is one way they build up costs. You and your attorney need to hire your own inspector at a price you control and have agreed to.

Once the client and counsel have reviewed the Inspection Report, we arrange for an ADA experienced contractor with a proven ADA compliance track record to submit an estimate to correct the violations. The contractor's estimate is a key component to establishing a defense.

It is common knowledge that the best defense against ADA discrimination lawsuits is to fix the violations fast. There is a U.S. Supreme Court case that lends to the strategy that the sooner the defendant fixes the violations, the less chance the plaintiff will be awarded attorneys' fees and costs. That's the defense game.

Through time and experience we have established our company as one of the country's leading experts on Americans With Disabilities Act discrimination lawsuit defense. We consult with the client and their attorney's on the best way to defend an ADA discrimination lawsuit and keep costs down.

Many times we are hired by your attorney rather than by you directly. Often the client feels more comfortable if we deal directly with their lawyer, and many times the Inspection Report can be kept confidential via attorney-client privilege.

In addition to the initial facility inspection and written report we offer the following services for no additional fee:

· Defense Strategy Consultation (Buckhannon)
· IRS Small Business Disabled Tax Credit Information and Forms
· Post Compliance Inspection
· ADA Experienced General Contractor Referral
· Deposition and/or Court Appearance as Expert Witness

All inspection fess are based on square footage of the actual facility, excluding parking lots and employee only areas.

We look forward to your call at (305) 898.6330.

Best Regards:

Dave Goldfarb

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