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Attention Attorneys :

We are your one-stop-shop to ADA compliance. We work primarily for the defense and have no association with any of the Non-Profit Groups who bring ADA suits against the business community. Our reports are completely impartial, being sought by both the defense and plaintiff's counsel.

Through time and experience we have secured a reputation in the business community as a leading ADA Consultant, helping property owners and businesses evaluate their ADA requirements on a case-by-case basis.

Our services for ADA lawsuit defense include, but are not limited to:

  • Detailed Facility Inspection and Comprehensive Written Report
  • Defense Strategy Consultation (Buckhannon)
  • IRS Small Business Disabled Tax Credit Information and Forms
  • Post Compliance Inspection
  • ADA Experienced General Contractor Referral
  • General Contractor and Architect Plan Review
  • Deposition and/or Court Appearance as Expert Witness

In addition to helping clients who are currently in litigation, we also a have a program in place to help clients take a proactive approach to ADA compliance, rather than reactive. This program includes a facility inspection to identify what violations exist and how to correct them. From there we arrange for an ADA experienced General Contractor to correct the violations. Upon completion of the modifications we can then conduct a post compliance inspection to document the modifications and compliance.

All of our inspection fees are based on the facility's square footage, excluding the parking area. All services and or court appearances and depositions fall under the original inspection fee. We do not charge additional fees for these services. For further information and inquiry, please contact us at 305-898-6330.

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Dave Goldfarb

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